Legal Music Sources

Legal sources of music, videos and karaoke

In Canada there are several bodies that have the task of ensuring music and videos played by a Disc Jockey (DJ) , Video Disc Jockey (Video DJ) as well as a Karaoke Disc Jockey (Karaoke DJ) are legal to possess and use for public performance.  CONNECT Music Licensing (AVLA) issues DJs licenses to to legally create reproductions of sound recordings.  Another source is directly from performing an artist and/or publisher such as EMI, Universal, Sony, Warner Music, etc.  Visit their respective websites for further information.

Professional disc jockeys only play music that has been legally obtained and where the artists receive compensation for their work.

While an AVLA (now CONNECT Music Licensing) DJ license was considered at one time to be the primary way to see if a DJ in Canada was playing licensed music, that is no longer the case.  There are now many LEGAL sources of licensed music.  Professional DJs now have options by which to obtain legal licensed music, video and karaoke tracks.  And a license is not needed for example, if a DJ plays original store bought CDs or otherwise licensed music. However, a license is needed if converting music from one legal copyright medium to another.

Some of the services available:

ERG Music (Special deal for CDJA members)
Spinner Canada
Licensed Karaoke by TriceraSoft

Apple iTunes iTunes Terms of Sale prohibit commercial use.

Each of the names above are copyright of their respective owners.  We are not directly associated with them, and provide links for informational purposes.  As rules and laws are subject to change, it is recommended that you review each respective service to be sure you have the full picture.

Certify Your Disc Jockey - Founding Members:

Anthony Salas - Epic Entertainment
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Paul August-Postal - USDJ Services
Rick Bellanti -  Bell-Aire Music
Stephen Meyer - Long Island Good Times
Terry Dillon - SoundsXtreme Entertainment and
Thomas Spencer - Music For All Of You DJ Service
Tim Drew - TD Ontario Productions

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